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Loconto, Michael T


Boston, MA

3/6/2023 1:11:00 PM
Fee For Services : $ 1850.00    
Cancellation Policy :
Fourteen (14) calendar days prior to scheduled hearing date
PA Recent Cases :
Other Recent Cases:
Two matters in 2022; unable to publicly identify parties at this time
Mediation and Fact Finding Experience :
Fact-finder, Westwood (MA) Fire Department and the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (January 2022).
Total Arbitration Cases : 3
Teacher Arbitration Cases : 0
Private Sector : 1
Other Public Sector Arbitration : 2
Other Experience :
Arbitrator Loconto has trained with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Institute and has apprenticed under two members of the National Academy of Arbitrators on labor, employment and pension fund matters. He has experience in K-12 and higher education, skilled and manual trades, construction (including project labor agreements and jurisdictional disputes), public safety, dining services, athletics, public sector, beverages, financial services and technology workers. Specific issues include: discipline and discharge; drug testing; contract interpretation; pay and wage differentials; benefits; disability; discrimination and harassment; FMLA; FLSA; USERRA; Title IX; and, related state and federal laws. Arbitrator Loconto has two decades of experience in the fields of labor relations and employment law, previously serving as an in-house counsel to a small college and a labor and employment relations leader for a large university and a major metropolitan city. He has worked with union representatives and neutrals to co-lead the Higher Education Industry Council for the Labor and Employee Relations Association and the District Capacity Project of the Massachusetts Education Partnership, and has led or presented on a number of labor-management issues before LERA and the National Centers for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education Professions. Arbitrator Loconto has taught legal writing and research to first-year law students at his alma mater, Northeastern University School of Law, and has lectured on school law and arbitration in athletics for college students and legislative drafting for Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education. He currently teaches courses on contracts and bargaining for union and management representatives at The Labor Guild School of Labor-Management Relations in Boston, and is President of the Executive Board for LERA's Boston chapter. Arbitrator Loconto is available for in-person or remote hearings, nationally and internationally on the FMCS Roster of Arbitrators and at the state and local level in Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, the U.S. Virgin I
Professional Affiliations :
FMCS – North East, Mid-Atlantic, South East and North Central Regions Labor Relations Connection – private panel in New England (public and private sectors) Member of - Labor and Employment Relations Association (includes Philadelphia, Central Pennsylvania, Laurel Highlands and Southwest Pennsylvania LERA chapters; former national cochair, Higher Education Industry Council); Catholic Labor Network; The Labor Guild.
Education :
Northeastern University School of Law – J.D. (2002) The Florida State University – B.A. (1999)
Date Education Completed :
Advocate : No